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The 2015 Moose Mountain Log Home Course will be held
for the three weeks of March 9th to March 27th, 2015




Thank you for your interest in our Log Building Course. Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. has been handcrafting log homes since 1978 and Lloyd Beckedorf has also been an instructor in different parts of the world over the decades. The initial intent of the Moose Mountain courses was to train future potential log craftsmen, that we could then offer employment to. Today an equal number of students have an interest in either building their own home or entering the industry with us or at some other location around the globe, therefore our program has been catered to both approaches. Because of our international reputation as the leader in advanced log home joinery techniques, many of our students have come from all areas around the world, in some years that maybe as high as 1/3 of our student enrolment.

We will cover, by actually working on a log building (one that will not be actually intended for residential purposes but perhaps a garage or a barn), the principals of log construction with a hands on format. Normally students of the course accomplish notching, grooving, door and window cutting and roof beam log flattening and layout techniques.
We also want to include by discussion and by demonstration, stairs and railing construction, truss construction and numerous other aspects. This part of the course will be dealt with usually towards the end of the course but is an extension of the fundamentals of notching and grooving learnt through out the course. Whenever possible we will try to do this as well in a hands on approach.

We have included our recommended tool list and on the morning of March 9th at 8:00 AM in our construction yard, on the first day of the course we will go into further detail. This is a tool talk that is designed to introduce students to use, maintenance and safety of chainsaws and log building tools. Should you want to know more about tool recommendations or where to order specific tools please call our toll free number. The course has limited space so we recommend you commit no later than late January to early February 2015 to assure an opening in the only course we will offer in 2015. (The 2014 course was filled by February 14th, 2014) One of our students for 2015 needs to fly home to Poland to visit because of a family emergency. As a result, as of February 27th we have only one opening, if you are interested please contact us ASAP if you would like to enrol in our course!
Mailing address: P.O. Box 26 Bragg Creek AB. T0L 0K0 Canada

We are anticipating needing a few additional builders this coming year so let us know if you are interested in joining the Moose Mountain Log Homes team of craftsmen!

Lloyd Beckedorf

President ....


Application for annual Log Building Course
March 9th to March 27th of 2015


I________________________ (please print name) would like to apply for the 3 week, year 2015 Log Building Course from March 9th, 2015 through March 27th, 2015, 5 days per week 8 hrs per day for the three weeks. I understand the costs are $2,500.00 CAD plus GST ($2,625.00) total. Unless other arrangements have been made, I will include 50% as a deposit, $1,250.00 CAD plus applicable GST ($1,312.50) total, to confirm my attendance. I understand if the course is full or cancelled for any reason I will receive my deposit back in full, otherwise my deposit is non refundable but applicable to future courses. I also understand that the balance is due on the first day of the course.

I am aware that I am responsible for my personal tools and safety requirements and on the morning of the first day of the course these will be further discussed in the Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. construction site, located @ 46 Griffin Industrial Point in Cochrane Alberta. Mailing address: P.O. Box 26 Bragg Creek AB. T0L 0K0 Canada




Your contact information please:

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City, Province/State,  __________________________

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My intent in learning the craft of log building is to join the Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. team of log crafters.


or, my intent is to use the information for my own purposes, such as working for myself, building my own structure or building with another builder, etc.


To check if last minute openings are available, print, scan and email the above to info@moosemountain.com or fax the above to 1-403-932-9299 then phone 1-403-932-3992 to discuss, afterwards please mail application with deposit check to confirm enrolment.

Student tool list
Tool Recommendations

Please note the tool talk originally scheduled for February 28th will now be held March 9th, the first day of the course.

1) Chain Saw:         55-80cc with 20 Cannon Mini Pro Bar (or any narrow profile 20" bar with a 2" or smaller radius tip), recommended makes: Husqvarna or Stihl. Try to determine your long term goals, a single medium range cc saw would work but a larger and smaller one is common for professionals (Keep in mind, a saw that has had gasoline in it may not be transportable by air or some other forms of transportation). We suggest you consider our local saw shop: Equipment Express at 1-403-932-5050 and ask about the course specials.
2) Scribers:            Equipped with levels Mackie or Lee Valley design (Lee Valley Tools in Calgary Alberta at 1-403-253-2066)
or if you want probably two of the very best available contact either Ed Shure, to view or purchase Ed's scribers visit: http://www.timmerhusinc.com/#!tools/c19om  or contact him by phone: (303) 449-1336 or fax: (303) 449-9170 or email:  ed@timmerhusinc.com or contact Robert Chambers about the radical Chambers Scriber at: www.ChambersLogScribers.com  
You might also want to check our Magard Ventures Ltd. in Prince George B.C. for a wide range of log building tools at: http://www.logbuildingtools.ca/index.htm
Basic hand tools are usually least expensive at Princess Auto locations in Calgary at: http://www.princessauto.com/pal/locator/storeLocator.jsp or at your closest outlet.
KMS tools is now in Calgary with one of our former builders working there. Michael Penny is available at 1-403-613-2329, let him know you are or plan to be a student and he may be able to help you get some great tool values! www.kmstools.com
3) Chisels:              Flat 1 or 1 width
4) Gouge:               #8 or Lee Valley "Saddle Notch" best if it has a compression ring
5) Hatchet/Axe:      Ox-head style (preferred by most builders) could replace gouge Lee Valley  # 48U04.02 Carving Axe or 48U03.06 small Broad Axe.
6) Tape Measure:   30 foot or longer 1.25" wide
7) Level:                 3ft or 2ft and 4ft
8) Chalk line:         Mainly blue chalk occasionally red
9) Carpenter's Square: Larger size
10) Carpenters Pencil: Soft or medium
11) Safety Apparel: Hard Hat, Ear Muffs, Eye Protection, Chain Saw Chaps and Steel Toed footwear without black marking soles (the black marks are very hard to clean off logs).


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Often students choose to park a camper in our construction yard to keep accommodation costs minimal.
Please call for more information.

Recommended preliminary information from a former student of Lloyd Beckedorf

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Log Construction Manual


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